Obed deals with reserach and application of connections between breathing, movement, physicality, memory, voice, imagination, story(telling). The very research is also the dramaturgue, director and choreographer.

Obed is a practice. If it comes in form of performance then it is practice also for spectators. If it comes in form of an event, then it is practice for participants as well. If it comes in form of a meeting then it is a practice of a meeting for all involved.

Obed is also hosting other collaborators: Dejan Srhoj as dramaturgue and producer, Primož Bončina as musician, Imperfettolab as visual & spatial artists, Nhandan Chirco as physical action advisor and co-producer… You can join any time.

Obed was already in residency in Italy at Imperfettolab (2010 and 2011); and it took part of Neforma project by Sploh in Ljubljana Slovenia (monthly improvisation session between musicians and performers); it was also installed at Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana and nada Lokal in Vienna in 2011. There was also a residency in Gothenburg in 2014, I guess. We are practicing Obed regualarly mostly in Ljubljana, where we both also live.